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2 URLs linking to two different pages from same site hosted on Webflow

Hello Everyone,

I created a 3 page site for a client.
She now wants me to have 2 URLs linking to two of the pages, I mean, each URL links straight to another page.

Such as : URL1 goes to Site1/Page1 (homepage) URL2 goes to Site1/Page2 (not homepage)

The site is hosted on Webflow. Is this something doable?
If yes, how ? If no, do we know why?

Thank you very much !

Kind Regards,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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In Webflow one home page is set regardless of how many custom domains are configured for the site. If you are referring to URL1 and URL2 as different domain names then that is not supported. You would have to set up two hosting accounts.