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2 levels of dynamic content in CMS collections

Hello community!

I started using webflow’s CMS and i’m facing a problem that some people found too in the provided CMS.
I need a 2-level dynamic cms system, in other words, i need to link a collection item with another collection of items (down here is a diagram of what i’m looking to achieve).
Also another option is to have unique content in a collection item, so i can render item of another collection into each item.
Right now i’m doing them manually (static pages with content from a collection and then pasting the link into an item field of another collection), but this is a pretty messy way of linking pages, because they are being linked by an hyperlink and not by a page link (it’s a little bit difficult to understand maybe, u can preview it down here on the read only link).
Is there any way to achive this? maybe with an external tool or custom code ?

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Thank you all in advance!

PS: here are some things i found as a solution in other posts:

  • Using multi reference: This doesn’t work because i need to link each item of a collection to another collection, and not all items to another collection
  • Using an iframe with custom code to link another page into a collection item page: Here is a possible workaround but this brings design problems and maybe it doesn’t work either.
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Here is another diagram with extended details of what i want to do

I have worked on single + multi reference solutions similar to this. Can you post your intended url structure with a few example urls?

Good morning miekwave! How are you?

Actually i can do it (and actually made it and is working) with multi-reference. I add the art pieces to a collection “art pieces” and then track them into each gallery multi ref (as pictured above), but still it would be a much cleaner solution if i could make collection items linked to collections :confused:

Regarding the intended url structure, i would like to use the item’s page structure [], but linking each gallerie’s content with unique content from different collection each, as the first post (which i’m achieving with multi refs, but i really don’t like the cms structure of doing it this way because i have to track each item id every time i add a new item + paying to integromat to automate this, actually i can do it with the API for free, but the idea is to handle the database to the client.).

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