12 column width in pixel for desktop view Questions?

I’m looking at creating some templates to use for client designs in 1st Illustartor .ai and then maybe .PSD.

I guess I’m looking for how to change the resolution ( much like you can do in tablet and smartphone mode by dragging out the slider) so the 12 column is spread across 1200 px

is this possible, or does this have to be done with custom code / javascript?


I’m not sure I understand your question fully, but you can just set each column width to a percentage if you’re not using the pre-made Webflow column elements. Then you can set the content of each column to fit a percentage of each column. For example, if you wanted the images to fill the entire width of each column at any browser size, you’d just use “100%.”

The 980px grid is set by default to match up with the container element in Webflow. As far as I know this can’t be changed.

You can work outside of the grid like Jordan explained.


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