100 vh on 1920px monitor dont work(

Hi guys, can you please help me. I can’t get my picture on full screen on 1920x1080 px monitor, even the picture will have resolution 2000px. there is some pixels from left and right side.
Hwlp to fix that.
my site - http://webstudio-9f29bb.webflow.io/

my preview - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/webstudio-9f29bb?preview=4e234eeedc927ec92713ae26c250b231

Hi @PauloGG

Try setting the ‘section’ to 100vw - that seems to fix it in the preview mode…

Hope that helps

Hey there @PauloGG

Try what @StuM suggested

Also image is 93px short on height, try to get a nice high resolution and then scale it down.


Edit: I saw alot of your images are stretched form the original, try to avoid that.

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