1 px from the next slide image appears in each slide

The slider always show on the right side a line from the next slide image. Is this a bug?
On slide 4 you see it the best

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/fairimmo?preview=e49450d8e46fb6dc992caa6fbb4a3a8f


Hi @Bettina_Lucas

The slider looks to be working fine on my end.

What device and browser version are you seeing this behavior in?

Hi @Bettina_Lucas

After speaking with the team, I found the reason you are seeing the line is because there is no definitive width on your row, column, slider or slides.

This is typically okay, but in this case the slider/slide width is determined by the column – 50%

1200px * 50% = 600px

1201px * 50% = 600.5px

Browsers cannot render the half pixel, resulting in the slider occasionally showing 1px of the next slide depending on the size of the browser window.

There are a couple of solutions here, but a good one is to set an even numbered max width to your row then centering the element.

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I changed the settings like you wrote but when i make the browser window smaller in Chrome there is the line like before:


New public share link:

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