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Webflow slides overflow



Two slides has same width and height. One slide always overflow to the other slide.
It only show when I scale the browser window to some specific width and height.
It means in some devices the line will show.

Pls see the screenshot.

I try to set min-width for both slides, Also try to set overflow hidden. It doesn’t work.
The line would appear in responsive.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Go to page slide

Video show problem

Thanks in advance.

You fixed the line appearing right? It doesn’t show when you move to each slide.

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Still, don’t know how to solve this, When I scale the browder window, The line will show.

Yeah when I move the slider there is no line showing at all.


This is a video show the problem. Pls check out.
Thank you.

Hey Anderson,

It’s the first image in the slide. It’s showing the border of the image, when on slide 2. The second image is all white, the first is color. You’re just seeing that tiny little color of the first image. I’m like you, it’s barely visible, but it would be annoying to me too, if it was my site.

All you have to do is switch the images in the order and it goes away. I could play around with sizing, margins, etc, but I don’t it’s worth fiddling with a widget because they have native styles embedded.

Unless you want me to?

If you absolutely need that first image in slide 1, then I’ll help ya by adjust borders and width. To test yourself, switch the images and you’ll see.

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Yeah, I switch the images, it works.
Many thanks.

I want to know the reason why it has a border. So I add one more slide, the border show. It would be very useful if I know the reason, So I could add the white background images.

Can you help me dig in again? Thanks so much for your time.

Sure if you have another unsolved issue, shoot me a message and see if I can help.

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