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1 project for free edition is too retrictive?

I was wondering whether it would be possible to relax the free edition to allow more projects to be stored and only need to upgrade if the project needs to be hosted? But by doing so, still allow projects to be published for preview purposes for a limited amount of time. I think this is a great compromise and shouldn’t take

Hi @fsociety79,

The rationale behind the free account is:

  • Let users try out Webflow designer interface, and/or
  • To host a single website (i.e.: client account)

You can always allow cloning of your sites to have unlimited projects, as publicly cloneable projects do not count towards your limit.

If you need more private sites, a personal plan would suit you more.

Webflow’s pricing plans have changed many times before settling on this plan. I don’t see the free plan changing to be honest since this is the incentive to upgrade to a paid plan. Webflow is rapidly growing and to continue to do so, paid users are necessary. The platform is powerful and offers much more than comparable platforms and I think the pricing is very reasonable as is.

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@DFink I agree that paid users are necessary to ensure the Webflow platform will remain and I would also agree that it’s much more powerful than other platforms. I wasn’t aware that it was possible to have an unlimited number of cloneable projects.

@samliew Thank you for pointing out that I can have an unlimited number of cloneable projects.

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