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5 pages for the free plan

I hope that Webflow staff will consider having 5 pages to the free plan instead of 2 as I find this a little restrictive. I’m currently unable to upgrade to the personal plan due to personal circumstances beyond my control and I’d like to continue working with Webflow with a personal project I’m currently working on.

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I agree with this. You are limited anyway due to your inability to export the code or to host it on a non-webflow domain without a paid plan.

I’d counter that. Webflow should have a stable revenue model so as to continue to provide top-notch features and a reliable service. Two pages is just enough to make it possible for a professional, to-be-a-paying-customer designer to evaluate its possibilities and decide on a paid plan.

Of course, there are always occasions when we would love to use a product but cannot afford to. The way to fix that is re-think our own revenue model.

If Webflow were to allow more than two pages and enable some other features in the free plan, it might become a magnet for amateur designers and resemble Wix in a way, which would not be productive for its own reputation.

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Webflow is a paid web app, I think the free plan only exists so that you can play around with it. That’s probably also why you can’t export the code. Like @uzzer said, if you give the free plan all those features it would make the paid plan less attractive.


I can understand you both and it’s perfectly right what you say, however this is solely about more pages and not any other feature.

Webflow should never allow to export code without paying for it.

Sadly they solved this duplicate page bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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