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Zoetrope Slideshow

Hi All,

A couple of years ago we built a zoetrope slideshow on Squarespace. It was painful to do but we eventually got it going. With each update of squarespace the site has become really buggy. I am thinking of converting it to web flow and wondered if an effect like this is possible? Here is the site

If any one wondered it is partially inspired by

Thanks All!

Hi @jak,

yes that is possible, if you give me half an hour or so I’ll get back to you with an example :smile:


Thanks Arthur!

I spent a good while trying to get it to work, but for example couldn’t get the slideshow to display the next & previous slide at the same time. In Squarespace I had to use custom code and am hoping webflow can stick it to them and help me do it natively :smile:

Any pointers would be real useful! Thanks!

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