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Animation question

I am trying to emulate something I saw on with the way the text comes in rotating like that only I would like an image off to the left and a couple buttons underneath and I am stuck on positioning. If I try and add anything I am having trouble getting anything underneath the rotating text. This is my attempt there . I haven’t tried to emulate this in webflow yet so my question is it possible to create this kind of animation with the tools that are available here?

Hey interesting stuff.

This is possible to do useing Webflow animations. I have an example of it in my sand-box

It is in the animations section.

I plan on making a standalone demo of this once I get my office back up and running.

Stay tuned.


You have some really nice examples in your sandbox and I really like your website. I especially like how you emphasis usability. I would love to see you demo of this.

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