Zillow API Zestimate value


I am trying to use Zillow API to calculate my Zestimate house value in my project.

After I calculate the Zestimate value, I need to show that value for my users, which means there is a page for displaying users’ data, in that section I need to show this value also.
But when I checked the Zillow API website, In the FAQ section https://www.zillow.com/howto/api/faq.htm , there is a one question
they are saying that below one.

Q: Can we retrieve and store Zillow data?

A: No. You may use the API only to retrieve and display dynamic content from Zillow. You are not permitted to store information locally.

which means am I not permitted to save that Zestimate value in my database?
I need that Zestimate value only for showing users again and again.
only 1000 API calls are permitted per day, so calling Zillow API, again and again, is not possible.

My question is,
Is it allowed to save the Zestimate value in my database?

Hi @my_doubts, welcome to the forum.

That is a question for the supplier, Zillow. When you use and external data you have to follow what ever rules they define. So reach out to them. When you find out you could always share the answer here.