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Zen Planner: Calendar Embed For Appointment Scheduling by Visitors

Hello Flowers,
I don’t know if this is the right board for this question so please lmk if I should move it to another.
I have a client who uses Zen Planner to allow their members the ability to schedule their own appointments online.
On the embed instruction page it says that users can embed into Wordpress or Facebook(via iFrame). I know ZERO about coding and am wondering how I might embed the calendar into their soon to be new Webflow site using the instructions ZenPlanner provides for embedding into Wordpress?

Any/all chime-ins would be very much appreciated!

Also, as I mentioned I have zero coding experience, about 4 months fiddling with Webflow, and before that maybe 6 months on Duda where I published 4 websites for small but paying customer in ‘fake it til you make it’ mode. This current project is for an established fitness and nutrition and welness center here in a city of 1.5mm including annexed burbs et al. I bring this up because if I can deliver a quality site it would unquestionably lead to a substantial jump in project opportunities. Yesterday I met with the client and we have set a 5/22 drop dead ‘go live’ date. They have already paid over half of the $5500 I quoted/invoiced for the site(almost soiled my draws when they agreed to price as I was prepared to go as low as $1500.00!!) and well, I’m kinda really freaking out! LOL Point being, you will likely be seeing a lot of inquiries from me over the next 10 days about things most 13yr olds should know and I would just like to thank you in advance for any help you might give me in the coming days.

I will post a general overview of my status with this project along with a general list of items requested by the client that I am having some trouble with and would be perpetually grateful for any/all suggestions/help I pray I get from this amazing community of Webflowers.

And a last sidenote on the max dollar amount i received on this project, from a complete novice in webdesign but an old cowboy in the game of selling not only the value of whatever product you are presenting, but the value that you personally bring to any project. I have been adding a minimum 15% to every quote I have drawn up in the last 22 years in sales for my personal involvement because I am worth something extra it to the client i.e. my personal service, time, patience, honesty, commitment the client is worth at least a 10-15% markup on whatever product or service my client is purchasing from me. So don’t be afraid to lead with the ‘Golden Suite’…you can always come down in price, but you can rarely go up; the client won’t buy something if you don’t let them know it’s available. And NEVER sell yourself short, you are awesome…don’t be afraid to charge for your awesomeness!!

Peace, and thanks!

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