Zapier to Webflow API adding Date/Time field to Collection

I have a “Date/Time” field in my collection

If I import via CSV with properly formatted string (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM) Webflow imports the string into the Date/Time field, no problem

If I directly input (or paste) a string into the CMS Date/Time field manually, no problem.

The issue I am having is when I send the Date/Time string to Webflow via Zapier, Webflow returns an error.

This is frustrating because the Zapier-sent string is identically formatted as the above two functioning examples.

Expected behavior: Success when I send a properly formatted string to a Date/Time field from Zapier to Webflow.


When adding data to a Collection Date/Time field via the API the format of the string needs to be YYYY-MM-DDT00:00+00:00 (adjusted for time zone as needed).

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