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Adding Date/Time field to Webflow Collection Using API

Hi Webflow Community,

This format “2017-01-01T13:15:00.000Z” no longer works when sending a date through to the CMS "date field” custom field using Zapier. Zapier returns the message "The app returned “ValidationError: Validation Failure”. There are multiple threads in the forum that state this is the correct format to use but apparently it is broken now because it is no longer working.

I know this to be the case because when I remove the date from the Zapier step, it sends through just fine but every time I add it back in this formula “2017-01-01T13:15:00.000Z”, it gives me the error. Could anyone help me understand why this isn’t working anymore?

Well, it turns out it just started working again this morning. Maybe someone noticed my comments in other threads last night.

Hey @Pconte, I have the same problem. What did you do to solve it? Just waiting or did you any changes?

Thanks in advance

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