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Zapier 409 Error while trying to set up for first time

Hey guys I’m new to using Zapier and Mail Chimp, and i’m trying to integrate then to work with my forms on my website. I’ve found a few tutorials explaining how to set this up, but i seem to be stuck at one of the first steps in the set up. I’m receiving an error when Zapier is trying to test it’s connection with my websites web form. I named my Form, and then used the name of my form during the set up but it’s giving me an error when it tries to test the connection. I attached some screenshots below.

To my understanding i should be using the forms name during the set up?

Hi @Darius3311, thanks for the report on this. Could you please try first publishing the site, then submitting at least one form submission? Then go back to Zapier and try to establish the connection.

Let me know in case of any issue.

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