Z-index issue with custom lightbox with CMS

Hello @sabanna,

Thank you for this workaround! I followed all of your directions and everything was working well until I made the dynamic list into a flex display. Now I’m running into z-index issues that I just can’t figure out. If you could help point me in the right direction that would be appreciated!

The section that I’m having trouble with is the photography section.

Here is the site: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/k-portfolio-site?preview=44fc2141e892deb7dffc1f9810ed85c3


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Hello, @bbrazis!

Sorry for the late answer.

You need to get rid of all position: relative in that structure plus move lightbox link and modal to the dynamic item directly, without wrapping it in “item”

Then make modal background z-index = 10000

Worked for me


Thank you, @sabanna!

That seemed to work. Thank you for getting back to me.



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