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Youtube movies better quality than Webflow embedded

Hi all,

why does Youtube (direct) movie have better quality than a embedded Youtube movie in Webflow.

Please see attached Screenshot.

Cheers, Alex

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Webflow perfoms its magice when you up a video, producing one and only version with fixed, predefined settings. At large scale it may not reach the quality you need.

Youtube serves video on demand and has multiple versions of it ready to stream, serving the best quality for the situation.

You can also add an html5 video with custom code and control the quality of the video, but you got to compess it manually in various formats.

In certain cases and depending on your source video, it may be difficult to recompress it, hence Youtube being better at it than Webflow. This happens when your source video is already quite well compressed. It takes very good algorythms to recompress a well compressed video, and Youtube and Vimeo are extremely good at that.

But it is only embedded… Why is Webflow doing any thing with this video stream?

Sorry I misunderstood your question…

So here it’s Youtube who decides for a reason or another to serve the low res version of the video (non HD).

It may not be the case for everyone. mind to share your project details?


And how can I grab the better resolution from Youtube?

Hi @Alex_Suarez, it will be a lot easier to provide better info, if you can share the read-only link to the site:

That will really help to see how the video is placed relative to other elements on the page.

It seems you are comparing two different page layouts which can have an effect. Please help share the link so it easier to spot any possible styling issue.

Thanks in advance!

Never watch anything at Youtube, it works awfully at full screen format on my laptop, don’t know why… When it comes to watching some films, I just watch movies online for free at online streaming services.

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