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Video vs Youtube question

I note there are 2 ‘video’ related elements on the Webflow list . . . ‘VIDEO’ and ‘YOUTUBE’. Obviously the ‘YouTube’ element is used for . . . well . . . YouTube.

I have attempted to use the ‘video’ element to play a .mp4 file hosted on one of my domains. The ‘video’ settings rejects the url. I enter the address, tap enter and the entered address reverts to the placeholder text.

I’ve watched a couple of Webflow ‘video’ training videos. They just push Youtube.

What is that ‘video’ element used for.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@JimF ~ Hello Jim. If you don’t mind providing your Read-Only link we can take a look. I’m assuming the url paths are correct. Sometimes Webflow can do things like that if your computer is running out of memory or your speed is too slow.

There’s also the option to upload your .mp4 right in Webflow using the “Background Video” element. But I’m sure you already know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Looks like the video and youtube video elements don’t accept .mp4 urls.

Your update comment is the pertinent comment. It’s obvious .mp4 files are not acceptable. Do you know if any other file formats are accepted?

@JimF ~ Hello Jim. Sorry for the delayed response. I believe the “Video” element is strictly for services like YouTube and Vimeo. And as you know the “Background Video” element is for uploading your .mp4, .webm, .mov, or .ogg videos direct.

I actually was interested in this subject before I read your post because I wanted to host my pictures in Webp format for obvious reasons. The only way is through a little Javascript. So you would have to go that same route.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to serve your .mp4 outside of Webflow?

I know Webflow’s hosting is really quick so I have not experimented with serving outside media yet. I do plan on doing so very soon because I want to see what kind of performance boosts I can get using Cloudinary.

I’m kinda curious if Webflow optimizes media similar to Cloudinay. That would be cool. For some reason, Webflow does not support webp imports. :thinking:

“Out of curiosity, why do you want to serve your .mp4 outside of Webflow?”

I’m curious as to why ‘Video’ that will accept Vimeo AND Youtube and ‘Youtube’ is for Youtube only. If the ‘Video’ one accepts both, WHY the Youtube one? My preference would be just one labeled ‘Video’ and have it accept ALL forms, Vimeo, Youtube AND all forms of ‘native’ videos.

@JimF ~ I agree. It can be a little confusing. The YouTube element gives the extra functionality of being able to hide controls, give a specific start time, and show related videos.

hi @JimF you can find more informations what is a difference on Webflow or here on forum when you will use search input field.

In short: One of major differences is that from 2019-20 YT is adding adverts without your permission (before you had yes/no option) this mean that every embedded YT video will contain adverts no mother if you agree or not. Vimeo has no adverts but have upload limitation 500mb/month.

Both have very similar options when is coming to customising, mean different approach => identical result.

There are many articles about YT vs Vimeo here on forum and/or on internet.