You need to pay for 2 seats to invite someone other than yourself?

I already paid 28USD for one seat. And I need to pay another? Is this for real?

Not sure what you’re trying to do.
If you want a second user on your workspace, then yeah you pay for a second user.

However if you’re trying to invite someone temporarily to fix an issue, you can invite anyone who has a Freelancer or Agency plan as a guest, and that doesn’t cost you anything ( but they need to be on a plan themselves ).

I already paid 28USD, I was prompted to this screen and couldn’t add a second user. Only after paying an additional 28USD I invited a second member. That means 56USD just to invite one user. That’s how it’s intended to be? The first 28USD is just a waste a money?

Again, still not sure what you’re trying to do.
If you have an agency with 2 employees and you both want to be able to use Webflow at the same time then yes you pay for 2 users on your workspace.

If you are a freelancer, or have a 1-person account, and you’re trying to add another webflow user temporarily to do some work on your account, you just invite them. They have to have a freelancer or agency account, and it doesn’t cost you anything to invite them- they’re already paying.

So depends on what you’re trying to do.

If you think you’ve messed something up or are still confused, you should contact Webflow Support, they can help you out.

This is what I want to do. I paid 22USD expecting I could invite the second person, but it just showed that it’s 1 seat and 1 seat is already occupied by me. How does that make any sense? I just wasted 22USD on nothing?

And I’m not counting the 28USD I spent to upgrade to core so I can invite another member. That means I spent 50USD (and plan on spending 50USD each month) on nothing?

Please read carefully how Seats works; as @memetican pointed out, you can do it as a GUEST for free if you want to invite someone to your workspace. If you’re going to PAY for another Seat, it will cost X USD.

You’re really not making sense here Alexei. The way you’ve set it up, seat #1 is you, and seat #2 is your employee. 2 people = 2 seats, which is what you’ve said you’re wanting to setup. Pretty simple, and sounds like you’ve done it right.

If you meant to set it up a different way, or if you’re still confused, contact support. They can help you, whereas all the community can do is point you back to Webflow’s pricing docs.

Reading the title made my eyebrows frown a bit. :frowning_with_open_mouth:
Imagine, when you go to the movies and invite someone other then yourself.
How many tickets will you be priced for?

Recognize this is an old thread, but +1 to this setup making zero sense for real usage scenarios. It feels like the Weblow product team is being unecessarily dogmatic without actually hearing the user request here. A related scenario to this issue:

  • I have a CORE account and I want to invite a freelancer to my workspace to collaborate on a project
  • That freelancer has a CORE account (which is more money, btw) and CANNOT participate without changing their workspace to FREELANCER or AGENCY

A few observations on this strategy:

  1. This is a pointless distinction to all but the internal team. If they’re a paying member above STARTER and want/need to collaborate, it should make no difference whether they’re AGENCY, FREELANCE or other. It’s just needless friction and confusion for no gain.
  2. In theory, this encourages the collaborator to downgrade their account to a more limited feature set and a lower cost. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, but why make someone jump through hoops and then for the effort the company makes less money?
  3. When receiving the invitation, the instructions are vague and confusing. On its face, it appears the recipient’s options are to either “convert their existing workspace” (unclear what that even means) or change their account to FREELANCER or AGENCY (unclear if this is an additional charge). Would suggest a copy team take a deep dive on the messaging, I’m sure not having enough information make a seemingly financially critical decision like this is creating a conversion issue. Funnel hygiene.

Please update the execution here or rethink your product strategy. Continually shipping the org chart is the least effective way to solve this.