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XML to CMS items


I would like to convert data from an XML page into CMS items, which as well should update automatically if the XML page changes. The basic idea is to create a recruiting website which is fed by data from an XML page created by a recruiting software.

Here’s the link to the XML feed:

Would be great if anyone could provide information about that!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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HI Felix, just chiming in to say that I’m looking for the same stuff, let’s keep each other in the loop in case someone finds a solution. There are some freelancers here that will offer to solve it for you but I feel it’s kinda sketchy.

I saw this request has been made a bunch of times so we could make a case with Webflow to have it as a feature.

Yes I’m actually waiting for one of the freelancers to respond.
Anyway its a good idea to work together on the topic. So If I find out anything new I will tell you.

Hey guys,

Did either of you manage to find a dev to help with this? I’m looking for some help on this topic also. If you managed to find someone would you have a contact?