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Xml Sitemap tools

Hi! I am wondering what others are using for creating better sitemaps and streamlining the process. I need to look at video sitemaps and excluding various pages. Is Screaming frog the go? Thanks

Option 1: Automatically update sitemap.xml when project is published

Option 2: Use custom sitemap.xml

Option 1 VS online/software generators you get ± the same results (Webflow also auto-generate sitemaps - even more accurate). Anyway Screamingfrog is great.

Excluding? You must use option 2 (-Or- option 1 & block the index by robots.txt - not perfect solution beacuse Sitemaps should only include URLs that you want to be seen by Google - but for now no choise)

Video/Image sitemaps? No way to add extra XML sitemaps by webflow yet (Use option 2). Idea for wishlist

Related wishlist idea (In backlog):
Add “don’t index” switch to pages

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Thanks for the response. I decided to stick with webflow’s auto sitemap for now and rely on video schema json-ld to provide the extra info to google. I have one site site where this seems to be working well for CMS videos.

Thanks for the clarification… also I had in trouble for this query…really helpful.

Only one problem - the sitemap.xml doesn’t automatically update when the website is published. I’m still trying to get rid of old template pages showing up in the sitemap that I marked as “do not index” and republished hours ago.