XML of product to Google Merchant Center

Hi, a client is asking for XML of the products so they can import it to the Google Merchant Center. Is this possible in any way?

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Hi, one of my client has been asking for this as well, we’re in the same wagon, no idea how to integrate this.

We have actually released this functionality with our Ecommerce Beta.

In your Ecommerce site if you go to the Settings > Ecommerce > Integrations you will find the ability to enable product sync feeds for both Facebook / Instagram and Google.

If you turn on the Google integration, you will get a link that you can use as your product feed in the Google Merchant Center.

We’ll have more help guides and documentation on this in the near future, but hopefully this helps!

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Hi everyone,

This is an old topic but did anyone find a solution to this? I’m having issues where my Weight attributes are not passed correctly to Google Merchant so my products are disapproved…


Did you find a solution for that? shipping_weight. I tried to map it in google, but weight field is also not in the feed

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Hi !
I think on top of the shipping fields, also the gtin et mpn fields are missing preventing from using the xml in google merchant center unfortunately. So far the “workaround” we found was to upload them manually but please lets us know @kkilat if there’s any change made to the xml configuration for it to be compliant with GMC.

Use DataFeedWatch.com.

I really wish Webflow had a support team that would respond to these kinds of messages. Crazy that they leave us in the dark.