Google Shopping Feeds


I’ve set-up an e-commerce site with a Feed to Google Shopping. Some of the products are being rejected because there’s no GTIN (EAN) & MPN field being passed through to Google. Although I have added a GTIN field within the product template, but alas it still doesn’t work.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get this to work?

It’s getting really desperate now as my client isn’t very happy :frowning:

Kind regards

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Here’s a few screen-grabs to help understand my issues…

  1. Shows the Google Shopping Feed
  2. Product Template Fields
  3. Google Merchant Center

Anybody got any ideas how to resolve this?


Hey David is your identifier_exists field meant to store your GTIN? If so it’s blank for all of your products except one, so there is nothing being sent to Google that I can see.

I’m guessing that your /product/[product-slug] pages are what you’re feeding to Google Shopping, either via the sitemap or an rss feed… normally that’s what you’d want people to see on an item click. However I’m not seeing any metadata in there as I’d espect.

You’d have to explain more about how you’ve setup your integration to feed your products to Google Shopping ( Webflow API app integration? ) so that your config issues could be traced.