Wow how they do that?

these animations when scrolling is perfect. they have 2 first when you enter and it just scrool inside-outside and second when you scroll enough down - up

how they do that?

This can all be done within the interactions panel. Play with the scrolling features.

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There was actually a Webflow live YouTube show about this site’s effects by @webflow here:

@pixelgeek is the best at these demos and keeps up with all of the latest trends.

Oh yeah! I remember when IX2 was still in beta, that was one of the first pages I wanted to try building and it took about 5-10 minutes:

I of course had to photoshop @iamdustan’s face in to it :joy:

Here’s the Read-Only link to the site:

You’ll need to add a while page is scrolling interaction in your site:

Then animate each element for scroll progress:


Haha that’s great - and i’m presuming that @iamdustan sets the bar for #beardgoalz at Webflow

@Waldo a close second surely…

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can i do two interactions ? what you show its only first after few scrolls its work different and bottom content comes

Hi @Animeshka_Animeska_3

If you watch the link that @Lux sent - you will see multiple interactions happening at once - @PixelGeek did a number of workshops around that time on the various possibilities.

A full list of previous workshops can be found here: