Work with me at Webflow :)

Hi there wonderful Webflow Community! :smiley:

I am looking to add another member to our Customer Success Team and just posted this listing:

Webflow’s Customer Success Specialists are responsible for providing consistently high-quality experiences for all our customers.

If you:

  • Love Webflow and have a deep understanding of its capabilities
  • Love helping and empowering people
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills (in English)
  • Have experience working on a team
  • Have experience in customer service

I’d love to chat! So please apply at your earliest availability.

​Kind regards,



I wouldn’t mind if it was part-time…

I would do it just for the experience! :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Can we give some references @Waldo ? There’s a couple of Webflow users that are really good with Webflow in general and in helping around :slight_smile:

Hey! @Waldo for some reason when I go to apply nothing fires? I clicked on the [Apply] button and nothing happens? I am on IE - could that be the issue?

[Edit] I see it is a mailto: link. I will email my resume over.

Thank you! I just sent my resume :slight_smile:

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