Looking for a webflow expert to hire full time

Hi there, we are a company of few, working remotely and on some really awesome projects. We decided internally to really invest on the webflow platform. We are willing to wait and pay for the right person to educate themselves with the webflow platform. As long as they have the right attitude and love for great design!


Hey @Tapforce

Sounds like a great opportunity. Do you have a website or means for forum members to learn more about you and the company? Additional information could really help people know if they’re seriously interested in what you’re offering.

Thanks in advance.



I’m already very skilled in Webflow and am interested in hearing more about your freelance opportunity. :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me.

http://greenpandawebdesign.webflow.io (This is my new website. It is almost finished, except I have about 20 - 30 additional websites I will be adding to the portfolio page.)

Hi there,

I’m sending a message to your profile. Talk to you soon.

G.J. Hunter