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Windows 95 Emulator Project

Here is the link to the Windows 95 link I posted in the live chat during today’s workshop. This is a never ending project so I’ll be adding to it little by little.

Turn those speakers up @PixelGeek for that sweet splash screen sound!

Made 100% in Webflow, with a sprinkle of Jquery :wink:


Constructive feedback is always welcome to help improve and evolve the project!!


:heart: it so much!!! hits me right in the nostalgia

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Seen a Win 95 UI kit online one day and inspiration mixed with memories and I just had to do it. Be sure to check out the IE window, added another old school surprise on there!

i did that and found my old nemesis :joy:

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That is so cool; how did you make the windows “draggable”? do you mind sharing your read-only link?

Loved seeing this in the workshop today, fantastic work and I would second the idea of a read-only link!

Also this little detail was great.

@PixelGeek and @aegnorkeil you cant have old school Windows without that guy! It just wouldn’t be a complete experience :laughing:

@AlanBorger I made the windows draggable by spending 3 grooling days teaching my self jQuery lol

Read Only Link:


@NormanDurkee… thank you for that…!

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it was all worth it.


Absolutely! Just learning that little bit of how JQuery works has opened up doors for what I can do with WebFlow!

It really was 3 days of hair pulling, but then once I realized I needed to assign the code to the class using the a period and not a hashtag, and I tested it and it finally worked, Man victory dance around the office!


If you enjoyed the project please head over to the showcase page and hit that like button! :grimacing::+1:

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haha this is awesome, nice work on making the desktop icons drag-able!

:point_up: this guy :joy:

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Wow, this is SOOO cool! :slight_smile:

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What kind of sorcery is this?