Will-change: opacity keeps triggering after animation

When you click any of the text that says “Learn more about this project” it plays the animation, but looking at the inspector you can see that will-change: opacity keeps flickering on the two divs that were affected by the animation.

If you then try to click the text near the bottom of the left column that says “View Portfolio” it does play it’s animation, but then plays the end of the previous animation that appears stuck.

Why is the first animation not ending, and how do I get it to end?


I ended up throwing out the interaction and starting fresh. That seems to have fixed it.

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Thanks for sharing your issue and solution here, @Zincotroid.

I ran into the exact same thing, was tearing my hair out trying to get my duplicated interaction to work, came across this post, built the interaction from scratch, and all is well again. (I still find it odd that I had to build it from scratch to get it to actually work :woman_shrugging:, but I was glad to find your solution.)

In my case,
this fella was checked which was causing the issue. (Don’t remember checking it on though).