Wildcards not working for external domains - bug?


We recently made a Webflow page our main landing page. Thus we host our webflow page at https://because.eco, and the remaining of our web-platform on app.because.eco.

It seems unfortunately our SEO is getting punished hard for it. The problem is that old our old links to companies, such as https://because.eco/company/because no longer works, since they are now hosted at https://app.because.eco/company/because.

I tried setting up a redirect in Webflow like this, which works (except that the company name is not included:
/company/ -----> redirects to ----> https://app.because.eco/company. This works!

However, when I use wildcards:
/company/(.*) -----> redirects to ----> https://app.because.eco/company/%1.
Then it fails bigtime and links to:
https://because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.because.eco/company/app.b (…)

Hope anyone can help here! It seems almost like a bug - the Webflow University pages states external redirects are possible, so I really hope there is a solution and we dont have to roll everything back x_x

Actually, on your example, external redirects with wildcards is working for me on Chrome Win. Are you using a different browser by chance? I’m very curious on how wildcard redirects are getting processed here.

Have a look;