Why is this lottie file invisible?

Hi. I am trying to import lottie file for my star rating UI.
I take this lottie file from https://lottiefiles.com/72-favourite-app-icon.

As you can see, the initial state of this lottie file is yellow border star.
But when I import this file in my design, the file is invisible.
I don’t know why this happen.

Could you help me to solve this issue?

Here is my public share link: LINK
You can see the issue at wallet-connected-with-booklist page.

Hi, you need to put the first keyframe as initial state in your interaction. Works like a charm on my end.

Thanks. @ColibriMedia.
In my end, it looks like this from webflow desinger.

The lottie file does not appear.

For interactions, I set the initial state lottie 0%

and this is the interaction setting according to the advice of @vincent for my previous question.

Other lottie file looks good on my side. What magic do I need to let it work properly?

you don’t really need an extra keyframe between the two, just the initial state at 0% and the end animation at 100%.

This is what I see on my end.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! It really helps.

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Thank you Pierre Jean for tuning in!

Always my pleasure to help when I can.