Lottie animation won't play on click

Hey there folks, first build in a veeeery long time, and also first post here ever :sweat_smile:

I’ve added a Lottie animation that’s supposed to work when it’s clicked, but for some reason it just won’t play. The animation plays perfectly both when I hover it on the Assets panel and when I select it on the canvas and click “preview animation”, but for some reason the “on click > Lottie playback” interaction does nothing.

Can someone please enlighten me?
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:
Webflow - Rubini.co (the heart icon down in the footer)

You might need to share your read-only link to inspect but make sure that you’ve added a click interaction within Webflow as well. I don’t believe the animation will work just by placing it on the page.

@Port_of_Folio I’ve updated the original post with the read-only link, thanks for clarifying.

I forgot to mention that I did set up the interaction for the onClick event, just as described on this tutorial from the University. I didn’t expect it would work just by placing it.

Hmm… I haven’t used this method.

I set them up like the attached. Instead of “lottie playback” I use “Start an animation” and then set the play for 0 and then end at 100.

edit: in my first screen grab, be sure to set “duration” to 0sec or there will be a delayed click reaction

Perfect! It’s working now and I also managed to reset it after playback so it plays with every single click. :slight_smile:
Thanks a bunch, bro