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Why is there a space between my sections?

As you can see, there is quite a bit of space between my Home Hero section and my About Us section. I’m not sure what’s causing that as I don’t seem to have any margin or padding between them at all. What’s causing this?

Not seeing this on my side. Can you post a screenshot of a problem?

There shouldn’t be so much space between the heading that reads “Papes are…” and the hero picture

Please post your read-only link so that we may take a look.

Sure thing, here it is

Here is the live link.

Here is designer view

Is this not the correct spacing?

edit: I mean this is how you set it up in designer so just remove what margins you don’t need to make it smaller (like 20px of bottom margin on your home hero)

Sorry I guess I worded the question wrong. What’s strange to me that I can’t figure out is why there is this much padding between the image and the end of the home hero image and home hero section. I’ve removed the margin but the spacing is still there.


Remove the negative top positioning from your slider


My gosh, thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t see that!!
This raises another question for me, are you able to answer here or should I start a new thread?

The reason I originally put that in is because the home hero section is being “pushed down” by something else. I tried to compensate by that negative top positioning. You’ll see that now the home hero section goes below the bottom edge of the viewport, despite the fact that the height setting is 100vh.

What could be causing this?

It is caused by your cart element. Put this element inside the div and give this div an absolute positioning.

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Thank you so so much! I knew it had to be the cart but didn’t think to put in a div to be able to change it’s positioning.

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