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Why is my site showing Desktop View instead of mobile view?

My site is showing full screen view instead of the mobile view.
I have carefully designed the site to be responsive, and if you use the desktop to view it in all widths you can see it works great.

BUT for some reason. When a mobile phone opens the page. it goes to desktop view.
which is wayyy too small.

I use OPERA to check code, it has a very handy inspection tool that shows mobile viewport and desktop viewport.
When I click the mobile view, it initially SHOWS the correct view.
BUT then it flips back to the full screen desktop view.

here is the site…

here is the base design where i get the webflow code from - which seems to work fine.
I’m just confused why it is reverting back to desktop view for mobile?

I am sure this isn’t a webflow issue - but I have no idea what the issue is…
any help would be great!
thank you in advance.

Was there any custom code that you had inserted into the website?

I’m an idiot. I asked google’s mobile check what was wrong and it told me.

I thought I had the viewport set…
but i did not.
it is working fine now.

Nothing in the HTML code can screw that.
All styles and mobile viewports is set in the CSS files.

Your site has a lot of different CSS files connected to the HTML structure. And you have to understand that every CSS file or CSS snippet which stays below will overwrite settings in the previous file/snippet.

I think some of the “external” CSS files or javaScript codes may overwrite media query from the Webflow CSS files.
Because link fromWebflow subdomain show correct .

That’s great to hear! :wink::+1:

Wow, you found out while I was typing :slight_smile: Glad to hear it is working now

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