Why is my page grayed out when live, but not in Designer mode?

I copied and pasted the links and icons from another webflow site i built for the same client, but for some reason the live site is gray. I’ve looked all over designer and i can’t find the issue. I think it has something to do with ‘Join our team body’ div block, but there’s no color set on it. Would appreciate some help.

Thank you!

Read only: Webflow - Diego

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Check your 1280 breakpoint, the one just above your default desktop breakpoint.

Yo you are awesome! Thanks for the quick reply and the easy solve. I feel like a dummy, lol. Thank you!!

Thanks man, but don’t feel dumb, it just clicked for me when I noticed the gray panel disappeared when I made the window narrower. Lightbulb went on. :laughing:

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