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Why I can't add /publish a Subdomain


I’v an issue while trying to setup a subdomain with cloudflare.
Why it is not working and I can’t publish it?

I want to add a subdomain Books to my domain list, so I create it with cloudflare (All my DNS are with cloudflare)


@Zozo your CNAME record for your books subdomain needs to point to

That should resolve the error. Be sure to set a default domain and publish your site to your custom domain after the update.

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Thanks now it is connected but I can’t publish to my subdomain it is not there, even after I publish the site again!

I want to publish to

It is connected now but How to publish to

Thank you

You have to set it as the primary domain, or remove the primary domain setting from another, then you can publish to all.

Click the X on the default.

I want to publish to two different path , one for the main domain and another for the subdomain

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What was the solution for this?

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