Why are the images in the grid not loading?


I have an animation/layout problem with my new website. When you open the site on Chrome for the first time, the images in the third and seventh column in the work section (grid with letters) do not load. Only if you refreshing or resizing the window, the images appear.

This issue does not happen in Firefox or Safari.

What is the problem here?


Here is my public share link: Webflow - time to meet sam

Here is also the link to the published site: https://www.samuelsiebler.com

Hi Samuel👋 What about this Lazy Load feature? Try to disable it:


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Thanks for you answer!

Why is Loads on scroll even a feature if it fails to load images?

Chrome might be caching the website’s resources, including images, and not updating them properly upon the initial visit. Refreshing or resizing the window forces Chrome to re-fetch the images and display them correctly.