Why are my text link bounding boxes out of alignment?

When you hover over any of the navbar text links the boxes are skewed a little to the left. why is that and how do i make the bounding box contain the thext link (Note: I replaced the first text link with a heading, it seems the issue is not isolated to text links, hover over it to see what i mean)

Share Link: Webflow - Craig's Dynamite Site

Just noticed you can’t see the bounding boxes I will upload a video to explain

I’m not sure how you could ‘fix’ this besides changing the font. It’s just how your font is rendered due to the slant. At the end of the day the user doesn’t see the bounding boxes so it’s not an issue for them if that’s your worry.

Not worried for that reason, I was worried about accurate spacing in case this happens in the future. as of right now it isn’t a big deal. Thank you.