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Published font and centered text

So my first issue, is with my uploaded a font. When I’m in the designer it works fine but after I publish the site it’s showing up as a default font & ruins the margin. Then for my slider, I have my text links set to absolute and in the center but when after I publish it, it shifted more towards the left side.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I loaded up the live site and don’t see a difference between either the fonts or the text placement within the slider. What browser are you noticing the issues on?

Just as a note, I’m noticing that the bounding box on your slider text looks centered but the text within that box is aligned left—aligning the text centered fixes the problem. In terms of how you’re centering that text within the parent element, I’d recommend using an absolutely positioned div block with flex align & justify center instead. This will keep your text perfectly centered regardless of the size of your slider element.

I’m using it on Google Chrome and this is the first time I’ve seen this issue. I’ve tried fixing the text with the div block, but it pushed it to the top and to the left side. The slider is fine on the desktop view, but in mobile it changes. For the font, the issue still remains in the desktop and mobile view.