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Who are your clients?


I will say my story.

If the client does not have 16$ per month for growing a business what he even thinks? That he has a business and he will succeed!? If you want a successful business you need to invest. 16$ per month is not a big investment at all.

Changing the design?
Your clients need to pay you if they want a different design. Different design means different business goals, users, target market ect… They are changing their goals? I just want to say that design is not just the beauty, it’s about how it works. That’s why we do research, goal identification, wireframing, user stories, content creation and much more. Because the design needs to support the business. Changing the design needs to be something that is really needed. Maybe after doing some A/B tests or Having some analytic reports. Educate the client. If he still thinks that he knows better just stop talking, wish him the best and leave.

Once again, the client wants to have a business and he can’t invest 16$ for a fast and secure CMS hosting? If he wants problems he can host elsewhere. Talk with your clients about the benefits for their business.

How many people need custom design in 2018?
Only big and serious people. People who need something different. You want to work for wix type of clients? With a 500$ budget? Go for the big ones.

There is people for everything.

I’m trying to work with clients who appreciate my professional opinion. Clients who want to grow a business not just to have one.

What they find in Webflow?

  1. Fast and secure hosting
  2. The best CMS
  3. Custom design
  4. Code quality

Hope this helps :sweat_smile:

Piter :webflow_heart:


Great answer Piter. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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I hope Webflow will provide us with all the information regarding the GDPR. If CDNs are not a problem anymore, hosting with WF will be a great option for the EU clients too. Sill waiting for their answer tough.


I didn’t even finish reading your post bus the first few lines are spot on. Squarespace charges the SAME price for hosting. I developed sites through squarespace and also developed anger issues, my skills completely surpass anything wix squarespace or weebly have to offer. I don’t tell my clients what I use, they don’t ask. I just make mouth watering sites through the greatest platform on earth WEBFLOW. Webflow changed my life and what ever they don’t have atm I can wholeheartedly assume they working day and night (Ecommerce) to get it right. I control my clients bcus I’m the expert, they do not control me. Webflow for life (for now)


Ok, Im gonna throw my hat in this conversation as well. I started using Webflow about 7 months ago when Muse went EOL’d by Adobe. Yes I know, Muse, agh! Anyways, I have come to rely heavily on Webflow for its pure simplicity in designing and developing websites. In the 7 months I have been using Webflow, I have created and/or published about 15 sites. Some take a few weeks or longer (client issues) or even as short as a day! Here is what I LOVE/LIKE about Webflow:

  1. A Designer that allows anyone (all design/develop levels) to create any work of “art”.
  2. The CMS Collection system allows you to create almost anything with almost unlimited control.
  3. The Editor alone gives the clients access to their site with a more streamlined menu of options. No need to look through many different plugin controls (WordPress) to make changes or updates.
  4. The speed of the sites alone is cause for change to this platform.
  5. E-commerce Beta is out now!
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No one mention this but “publish to the staging” in real life is one of the most usefull ideas on webflow (On wp its very complex to get this idea) -or- use paid plugin

Example 100$ for one site one year of updates:

On webflow - Client Confirm X changes than push to live - Very “git” “version control” professional work flow without any extra setting.


One Answer & you’re ready!

If the client wants something that can’t be done with wordpress/wix/etc

Now the client is ready for webflow :slight_smile:

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