Whitelabelling: staging URL question

I’m still considering whether or not to purchase a PRO plan. One question about whitelabelling I have:

Before you would make a site live and start charging a clients for hosting, you’d let them look at the test site and develop that together with them.

Will I be able to use a custom subdomain for that, ie. something like clientsite.mywebsite.com? Or would I be restricted to use only clientsite.webflow.io (that’s before hosting has been taken out, because the client would only want to pay for it when they actually have a live site)? Havuing to use webflow.io would not be proper whitelabelling, right?

Not possible as far as I know.

To do something like that you’d need to buy hosting for that project and create an A-record for that domain and connect it to Webflow’s hosting.

It’s a fair question but unfortunately not possible. What you could do though is host a webserver at a different hosting service, connect your domain to it and put the client’s staging sites on there.

Thanks for your answer. That’s disappointing. A major flaw in the ‘Whitelabel’ offer! Means I had to pay for hosting upfront in addition to the PRO plan. Hmmm…

The work around you suggest would not allow me to stage a CMS site with collection under my own domain, right?

No, you’d have to make the CMS content static until you push it to your clients.

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