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White space problem / Mobile responsiveness settings

how i can delete this white spaces on tablet and mobile like on screenshot

Can you post your preview link so I can take a look at your designer?

Click here if you need help creating the share only link.

Umm, well your evil-doer is margin 85px that you have set to various Divs and in some cases positioned relatively with an offset. Here are some of the sneaky margins.


Personally, I would use Flex box for your solution :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.

hello. i build website for PC version but when i check mobile its weird and i cant understand how i can change mobile version with no affect of pc version. here my link

Hi @Animeshka_Animeska_3

Changes cascade downwards from desktop - to tablet - to mobile, but not upwards.

So when you style div block 4 - with the selector on desktop those will cascade down, when you style it with the selector on mobile, just the mobile div block 4 will be styled:



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its work - but how i can delete this white spaces like on screenshot

Hi @Animeshka_Animeska_3

I think you need to look into some of the other options for sizing things - for example on mobile some of your div blocks, and the slider (768px) have pixel values rather than percentage, or vw/vh.

So they have been set with a pixel value for desktop - but are keeping that when at mobile view - so it’s better to tell that div block or slider to display at 90% width or 90vw than a set number of pixels.

Have a look here too:

my image not changes in size any other than pixel what i should do

now i have have white spaces on a right when look on mobile (in web designer i dont see that) i use some tactics with moving elements with padding to fit it


I have the same issue with white space on my mobile site for


Can you help please?

yes send me task at

Hello everyone! Could anyone please have a look at my mobile site? I have the issue of the white space on the right site and I can’t figure out how to fix it.