White space on the right side of my website

Hello webfollowers,

I have a section of white space on the right side of my site. I did a search on the Webflow community and so far I’ve looked for negative values that could create this, larger elements that could have pushed it out, but nothing…
I checked the size of my sections and block but i found nothing abnormal.
I’m a beginner on webflow :confused: Can you help me?


Hello @ADOGAN, just give your paragraph 18 a width of auto instead of 100%, and that should fix your white space. I hope this helps.

Thank you it worked in my home page for computer !! :slight_smile: But i still have this problem in the mobil vision. Do you have a solution?

yeah for mobile just change your grid columns from 2 columns to just 1. I hope this helps @ADOGAN

Thank you so much ! It worked :slight_smile:

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