Site on mobile device in portrait view has "blank" space on the right

Hi everyone, i’m new to web design and its my first post here- so be patient with me :)

my website works great on desktop but when i open it on my android- there is a little white gap on the right, after i scroll down a bit, that gap becomes much larger, and as a result the page loses its Original center (same thing happens on Iphone), i hope my description makes sense.
from searching this forum i came to suspect that the reason for that is overflow of one of the elements.
i tried the process from this post by Sabbana- but i might have got i wrong… [RESOLVED] Problem with white space showing on right hand side of page - #5 by sabanna

here is a read only link to my site- Webflow - Zenimation

thanks in advance

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The elements CTA_Bg_Image and Background Video 2 is what’s causing the overflow. Set both of them to width: 100% and you’re good.

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thanks a lot jovil, you were right but i also had to lower the padding on one of the headlines…(it was a 100 each side) works great now, thanks again for all the effort :)

No worries. If my response helped you, please consider marking it as the solution. Thanks!

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