White bar on the phone

hi, I have a problem regarding the white bar that appears on phones making the page look bad, it does not close in pixels and it is very wide. I will be very grateful for your help. have a nice day.
There’s my site Webflow - Igor Kaczmarek's Awesome Site

Your link is broken so we can’t help! Can you send a read-only link as well as your staging link?

sorry i didnt noted, now should be good

You have an Image background causing the white bar on mobile.

Thanks, but website i still that big, how can i block option to expand site?

You have a lot of styles in that Hero Section 3 that are causing overflow. I would go element by element and fix the styles, especially things like the fixed with of 1500px and right margin of 694px are causing it to be way too wide on mobile.

The most effective way to do this would be to start fixing it on the tablet view, then once tablet view looks good fix mobile landscape, and then mobile portrait at the end. Go element by element.

thank so much have great day