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White bars on the left and right sides of my site?

For some reason, my homepage is displaying white bars on either side of my screen. It seems like it’s an issue with the width of certain objects, but I’ve checked (and re-checked) each individual div block, etc., and cannot seem to find the problem. Any help that someone could offer would be much appreciated!

Read-only link: Webflow - ROLA

Hey @gebhartyler

First off your site looks great! Really enjoy your phone animation on the homepage.

It looks like your page has multiple elements that are hanging outside of the viewport on smaller breakpoints. Webflow University has a great lesson on how to detect overflow and how to fix it!

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Hi [Miguelamezquita]!

Thanks so much for the help. I just checked my site and scanned for any overflow, but I couldn’t find any. To play it safe, I turned on “Overflow Hidden” for every element on the page, but the bars on either side are still there. Did you find any elements specifically that were hanging outside the viewport?

Thanks again.

Hey @gebhartyler!

I’m not sure if this is the section you are referring to, but it looks like you have left and right margins set to 30px on your section.

Here’s a SNAPSHOT for reference.