"While scrolling in view" starts at the bottom

Hey everyone, I struggle about this since few days and can’t go forward, really need help about it. I’m sorry to repost this but had no answer so i’m gonna ask it in an easier way :

When I open my website, it starts like we were at the end of the interaction. When we scroll once, all come back to normal. How to solve this please ? I already tried everything i can and I don’t understand since it’s not the first time I do something like this and this never happened to me.

Thanks :pray:

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Anjo Transport)
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Hi @Matthew

When I opened the link nothing happened. Does it do this on the live site?

Well I solved it myself by placing all animated elements into my scrolling div (which is my trigger interaction), disabled hide>show the scrolling div in my intro animation.

These two factors solved both issues.

I usually wanted to make a one page site but since I can’t work on hide/show the scrolling div, I’ll have to create differents pages etc… Not a big issue, still better for SEO to the detriment of UX/UI.