Where is pseudoclass :active for Links?

Where can I find the pseudoclass :active?
There is only :focused listed.

Did I miss anything?

Hi @Alain if Iā€™m not mistaken :active is called in WF :pressed it is not first time where WF came out with its own terms instead using standard terminology just to bring a bit confusion into game. :wink:

as you see there i no :pressed state

and it is hidden in first few words but not explained well they jus came with this word from nowhere

Hey @Alain , if you are looking to style an active nav-link, Webflow terms it as Current. The Current status of a link is automatic and cannot be manually selected.

The way it is done AFAIK, if a link block or a nav link points to a page/section and you are in that specific page/section currently, clicking on the link block/nav link will now show Current. It can be seen here:
Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 12.10.31 PM

You can now style with the Current selector which will carry over as an :active psuedoclass.

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Strange, now it works. But I did not change anything.

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