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Active state of in-page link doesn't work

Hello, I made a in-page navigation on the left, and it works, the problem is that the active state doesn’t work. It was supposed to be the same as the hover state.
this is my page:
any advice?

Plus, it would be awesome that the links turn active when you scroll down to the linked sections.

Hi @Dario. Sweet site! Do you mean the :active pseudo-class or the “active state” when the page is in the section the corresponding nav circle will look different from the rest? If you’re talking about the :active peudo-class (we call this “Pressed” in the States menu) there is no properties set for that pseudo-class so it’s inheriting styles from the :hover pseudo class.

How do you expect it to work?

Hi @thesergie, thanks and compliments for the great tool you are developing.
I’d like the navigation to behave like this: So, the dots should “activate” when in the page is in the corresponding section.

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Oh I see what you’re trying to do. Currently we only create special “active” classes (we call them states because :active is a pseudo-class and we don’t want to get them confused) for navigations that have links to different pages, NOT sections in the same page.

We do plan on adding Current states for sections in the same page, but you would have to use our navbar component (right now you aren’t for the side nav circles).

There is a way to do it though using custom javascript. @danro you got any ideas?

Yep, like @thesergie mentioned, we’re adding support in the Navbar component for applying the “Current” state for sections that scroll into view. I’d suggest holding on if you can, as that feature will hopefully be added soon!


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Just a question one of my clients asked me… Do you guys have any estimated date the “Current” class will be available for nav links when scrolling to sections in the same page? I’d like to report a date and also decide whether or not it may be in my best interest to attempt a JQuery solution. Thanks in advance!

Webflow rocks!

Hi @thewonglv, the earliest we could promise this would be in the next two weeks.

The scroll detection is a feature that dovetails into a larger feature that we’re currently working on. :shipit:


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