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Where is "limit to nested elements" in Interactions 2.0?

Hi There,
I’m trying to make a set of hide/show boxes side by side. I’m presently having issues with all the boxes opening all at once. Within the legacy interactions, There was an easy check box to limit the interaction to nested elements which would resolve this issue… Only I can’t find it in the new interactions dashboard.

Hi, the option to limit to nested elements is not in IX2 yet.

Thanks, Gary. Do you know when this should be added? This is a very large limitation for many of my projects prohibiting me from embracing the new interactions editor.

Not sure exactly. Check with support directly and ask if it’s on the priority list. OR
Check here for Wishlist and planned features:

It didn’t exist because you weren’t able to target classes, until today! Check out the new updates and let us know what you think!