Where do they get these giant transparent images from?

Where do they get these giant transparent images from? Is there a specific website for these types of images? Or do they design the images by themselves. Because I searched in Unsplash and Pexels but with no success

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Hi @m7md20091 you can try your favourite browser engine and try keywords “nike sneakers png” and select images. Not all images will be with transparent background so you can use any Software as Affinity Designer ot Photo, Adobe Illustrator or Photo to remove background. Just to be sure that you are not breaking any law be using images that have use restrictions.

As you are looking for images with transparent background you should look for .png like for example here


edit :
If you would like to use these images for demo purposes only you may use images from official Nike but if you would like to use these on commercial site you can’t just use images without any note of their origin and without payment for commercial use as they can sue you for using their material without their consent.

So I would not recommend using their original images but if you still want to use them then mention their source and info of the image as a caption. This should keep you out of any trouble or better way will be to use other than official Nike images you can buy, create you own, or find on any free images websites as unsplash etc.

5 min job in Affinity Photo

It was PNG but is forum upload convert it to JPEG. ;(

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